Ownhammer 412-GTR Mes V32 STD

Ownhammer 412-GTR Mes V32 STD

P2P | 11.12.2015 | 866.94 MB

Sample library of a Mesa Rectifier cabinet with the stock English made Celestion Vintage 30 speaker option. The new “V2” version of this previously released library boasts 15 primary near field mics with 9 positions and 4 voicings each, 14 Auxiliary distance techniques/positions, as well as the new Studio Pro and Live-n-Loud subsets. In all there are 694 individual IR’s to choose from, all expertly captured using top shelf gear. The library contains files in Axe-Fx, Axe-Fx II, Kemper Profiling Amp, Nebula, and Wave Audio formats.


Ownhammer 412-GTR Mes V32 STD screenshot Platform & Format Inclusions:
Acustica Audio Nebula
Version Required: Nebula 2 & 3 (commercial version ONLY) v1.3.504 and above
File Format: Program & Vector file pairs (.n2p, .n2v)
Sample Rate: 96 kHz (Nebula can re-sample internally to other rates)
8 Kernel harmonic depth
Time and phase coherent with other OwnHammer STD Nebula cab programs

Fractal Audio SysEx
File Format: Fractal Audio Axe Fx & Axe Fx II SysEx (.syx)
Axe-Fx II files display name altered to fit 32 character length and retain all pertinent information
Minimum Phase Transformed – coherently mixable with stock cabs

Kemper Profiling Amp
KPA format (.kipr) files as converted by the Kemper CabMaker application

Wave Audio
File Format: Wave Audio (.wav)
Bit Depth: 24
Channels: Mono and Stereo
Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz
Minimum Phase Transformed
Compatible with convolution reverb hosts and compatible devices (such as the Digitech GSP1101 beta firmware)

Library Features:
Primary Mic Captures
Primary mic captures (makes/models listed below) take a different approach in presentation to the standard formula. With these captures, positions are listed in an arbitrary sequential numbering scheme from magesy download magesy download 1 to 9, where 1 is the brightest and 9 is the darkest with a relatively uniform transition in between. The numbers do not correlate to any measure of distance, directly or indirectly. Mic options include:

Audio Technica AE2500
Audix i5
Cascade Fat Head II
DPA 2011C
Earthworks TC30
Heil PR-20
Heil PR-30
Mojave MA-200
Royer R121
Sennheiser e906
Sennheiser MD421 Mk II
Shure SM57
Shure Bros. Unidyne 3 SM57
Shure SM7B

Each mic option and position is offered in 4 different voicing options. These iterations consist of variation in mic placement, mic preamp, and hardware EQ treatment to suit different tone and timbre preferences for a multitude of guitar styles and requirements. Voicings are:
Brit Modern
Brit Vintage
USA Modern
USA Vintage

Auxiliary Mic Captures
(Available for all formats except Nebula)
(A) Ambient
(A) Back of Cab
(A) Far Field
(A) Floor
(A) Mid Field
(A) Null to Cab
(A) Room
(B) Ambient
(B) Back of Cab
(B) Far Field
(B) Floor
(B) Mid Field
(B) Null to Cab
(B) Room

Live n Loud Captures
Sometimes you don’t want the IR to give you a sound suitable for recording or to go to FOH (front of house), sometimes you want it to try to help you make your FRFR (full range, flat response) solution sound like a traditional guitar cabinet.

Enter the Live n Loud IR’s.
With the multitude of varying flavors of FRFR solutions, these will help you get where you’re going faster either used by themselves, or as an additional blend element in your IR mix recipe. The Live n Loud subset offers much fuller and smoother sounding captures to better suit high playback volumes and the inherent high frequency push that comes with it. Every primary mic has 4 entries in the Live n Loud set, each representing the voicings listed above.

Studio Pro Captures
The Studio Pro captures are a mind meld collaborative effort between Kevin Rowe (OwnHammer) and world renown engineer, producer, and song writer Kato Khandwala. These cabinet capture configurations can be heard on numerous gold and platinum selling albums, and are combined with the position and voicing alterations of the OwnHammer methodology for added flavor and diversity. 5 positions in the OwnHammer brighter to darker scheme with the same 4 voicings as the Primary Captures are provided in the following manners:

Clean A
Clean B
Dirty A
Dirty B

In total this adds up to 694 unique IR’s. With all the format options, the library contains a total of 7,792 files.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: (DiSCONTiNUED) STORE: https://mage.si/HN8j
Ownhammer 412-GTR Mes V32 STD