Dynamic House for MASCHiNE 2

Dynamic House for MASCHiNE 2

P2P | 04.12.2016 | 72 MB

Dynamic House breaks down the boundaries to bring you deep basslines, futuristic synths and punchy drums all fused together to create an authentic collection of kits built to instantly inspire. Created using the best of both analog and digital gear Dynamic House features an incredible collection of kits custom designed for Ableton Live 9 and Maschine 2. All samples and patterns have been expertly programmed to instantly spark creativity whatever music making mood your in. Each kit or project loads with an excellent choice of conceptual midi patterns allowing you to instantly evaluate the sounds in perfect context and start making great music.

– 15 Groups
– 15 Projects
– 256 24/44.1 Samples

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/WUV3
Dynamic House for MASCHiNE 2

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