Bugatti Strings KONTAKT

P2P | 22.03.2015 | 2.85 GB

Welcome to the NEXT LEVEL ! This collection is a comprehensive selection of naturally rich and dynamic stringed instruments. From Bass Strings to various orchestral strings to custom synths, this is the finest and most comprehensive hardware designed synthesis of epic and stunning studio quality at an affordable price. Using capacitor mics to capture the sounds of acoustic instruments more accurately and effectively at the high end of the audio spectrum + close-mics, these stereo samples are full and pristine multi-dynamic samples with generous intimate quality, designed to make your music truly epic. Formatted for Kontakt , Maschine & Massive – Incredibly playable for your unique musical workflow and a vivid, modern edge. Every note sings with a wide expressive stereo image, to give your tracks the distinctive textures of actual hardware devices while providing character and movement to all styles of music.

Expansion Features
1. Bugatti NKI. Bugatti Strings
2. Bugatti NKI. Trap Strings
3. Bugatti NKI. Strings and Bass
4. Bugatti NKI. Manny Fresh Style
5. Bugatti NKI. Brass
6. Bugatti NKI. Bass Plucks
7. Bugatti NKI. Rhodes
8. Bugatti NKI. Synth Under The Stairs
9. Bugatti NKI. House Muzick Strings
10. Bugatti NKI. Deep Bass Strings
11. Bugatti NKI. Low Bass Strings
12. Bugatti NKI. Mob Chords
13. Bugatti Strings Kontakt Edition All Instruments NKM.’s
14. Bugatti NKI. Drum Kit 1 + wav. Files
15. Bugatti NKI. Drum Kit 2 + wav. Files
16. Bugatti NKI. Drum Kit 3 + wav. Files
17. Bugatti NKI. Drum Kit 4 + wav. Files
18. Bugatti NKI. Drum Kit 5 + wav. Files
19. Bugatti Massive .nmsv 808’s
20. Bugatti Maschine mxgrp. Group Template
21. Bugatti Maschine Drum Kits 5 Total + wav. Files
22. Bugatti Drum Kit Samples
23. Bugatti Maschine mprj. Project Template
24. Bugatti Multis Stacked NKM’s.
25. Bugatti Maschine .mxsnd Instruments

Bugatti Strings KONTAKT