Aurora Live Drum Recordings V1

P2P | 30.11.2016 | 606 MB

660+ acoustic drum one shots, loops, and fills recorded at Atlanta’s Tree Sound Studios. We brought in multiple professional drummers to give the pack a solid variety of drumming styles.

This is the folder structure:
>>128 BPM
>>150 BPM

>>128 BPM
>>150 BPM

One Shots
>>16 Inch Crash
>>16 Inch Crash with Kick
>>18 Inch Crash
>>18 Inch Crash with Kick
>>21 Inch Ride
>>21 Inch Ride Bell
>>21 Inch Ride Bell with Kick
>>21 Inch Ride with Kick
>>Brass Snare
>>Hihat Closed
>>Hihat Closed with Kick
>>Hihat Half Open
>>Hihat Half Open with Kick
>>Hihat Open
>>Hihat Open with Kick
>>Ludwig Acrolite Dampened Snare
>>Ludwig Acrolite Snare
>>Piccolo Snare
>>Rim Click
>>Rim Shots
>>Tom 1
>>Tom 2
>>Tom 3
>>Tom 4

Snare Rolls
>>128 BPM
>>150 BPM

666 Total WAV files, 827 MB uncompressed.

Aurora Live Drum Recordings v1 WAV