Room Tones USA: Stereo Edition WAV

Room Tones USA Stereo Edition WAV

Room Tones USA: Stereo Edition

TALULA | 28.04.2020 | 12.14 GB

..:: 24bit / 96 kHz ::..

As you’d expect from magesy download a library labeled “room tones”, the sounds come without much action in the foreground to provide a very clear and detailed acoustic image of each room, giving you the perfect background noise layer to break the silence in your post production project. The recorded rooms vary from magesy download hallways and warehouses over cafes, offices, basements, apartment rooms, laundry and boiler rooms to industrial rooms and even an underground bunker. ROOM TONES USA covers all different scenarios you could possibly need, delivered fully surround with unprecedented precision, spatial impression and clarity.

ROOM TONES USA is a highly versatile ambience library that smoothly adapts to virtually any application. It offers a large selection of generic ambiences to blend into many different contexts as well as specifically recognizable locations delivered with maximum authenticity.

Ambiences are an excellent tool to establish the mood of a scene, level, or location. With ROOM TONES USA, this becomes a simple and rewarding task: Choose from magesy download the large pool of well categorized ambiences available. To increase your mileage with the library even further, the average sound is 3-5 minutes long.

Room Tones USA: Stereo Edition WAV

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