Organic Loop Elements WAV

P2P | 11.10.2019 | 1.15 GB

Organic Loop Elements is a completely unique concept in audio sampling, and is the first sample pack of many more to come from magesy download composer George Baldwin. Touching on a wide range of musical styles, these loops and samples are designed to fit in with a range of genres, including soundtrack, chillout, house, techno, dubstep and drum and bass. A journey through music, this sample pack incorporates a wide range of sounds and instruments, from magesy download funky bass loops on the chapman stick to evolving guitar soundscapes samples to looping vocal sounds and effects. We wanted to create something new and fresh, yet also draw inspiration from magesy download the early days of record sampling. In a very digital age, we felt there was a lack of good quality real music loops and samples available. After discussing this with George we came up with the concept of providing looping music riffs from magesy download a variety of natural instrument sounds and in a range of different styles.

The pack is split into 4 tempo categories, which in turn contain 12-13 song folders. Within the song folders there is a main mix and the corresponding loop stems, allowing you to layer separate song parts as you wish. The aim of these loops and samples is to provide an added sense of realism and depth, and introduce new flavours and timbres that are impossible to obtain using electronic production methods alone.

Organic Loop Elements WAV