Mystic Vocal Chops Collection WAV

Mystic Vocal Chop Collection WAV

Mystic Vocal Chops Collection

HiDERA | 26.04.2020 | 54.41 MB

There’s no question that vocal chops have always been one of the most useful tools when it comes to bringing life to your EDM tracks. That’s why we put together this insane collection of vocal samples, perfectly crafted for any sub-genre of EDM! There has always been the issue of sample clearance when it comes to sampling vocals, but with Mythic Magesy you don’t have to worry about that because all of our vocal chops are originally recorded in-house by our team. Every sample is perfectly tuned and labeled for optimal creative control, so you’ll never struggle with stretching or pitching vocals for your tracks!

Mystic Vocal Chops Collection WAV

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