JuiceGodBeats Hit Pack Vol.1

P2P | Dec 12 2016 | 25.9 MB

The 1st installment of the Hit Pack series is here! This unique collection of sounds features quick decaying instruments. JuiceGodBeats created 40 custom tuned hits, and 20 percussive hits. The tuned hits are extremely useful for hard hitting trap beats. Brass, choirs, strings, bells, synths, timpani, cymbals, snares, etc were layered and tweaked to make each tuned hit. The percussive hits are big and gritty stomps and impacts that can be used in cinematic, trap, or pop productions.

Kit Details:
– 60 One Shots in WAV Format
– 40 Tuned Hits
– 20 Percussive Hits

JuiceGodBeats Hit Pack Vol.1 WAV