Flutopia Bamboo Flutes WAV

Flutopia: Bamboo Flutes

P2P | 08 June 2020 | 308 MB

If you love collecting unique sounds, this pack is a dream come true. Ethnic flutes – such as the bamboo flute – are made in only one key. Such limitations drove Anders Bostrom to become a flute chameleon. Originally from magesy download Sweden, he’s been collecting flutes from magesy download around the world for years. He has played in several Broadway shows including the Lion King, Amazing Grace, and Shrek the Musical, among others. He brought his experience and passion for these wild instruments to the Originals Flutopia pack, playing in traditional folk song styles including the Ragga style from magesy download India. With a Shure SM7 through Neve 1073 preamps, we recorded bansuri flutes from magesy download India, dizi flutes from magesy download China, and bamboo flutes from magesy download Arabia for this pack. The result is a mix of sounds from magesy download meditative to uplifting. These ancient sounds will add some rarity and originality your modern beats.

Flutopia: Bamboo Flutes WAV