E-Lab XTc Files of Jungle WAV

XTc Files of Jungle WAV

P2P | Feb 10, 2011 | 424.06 MB

As if from magesy download magesy download some lost alien city on the far side of the moon, Alien Artifakts evokes the ghostly echoes of a long-dead interstellar civilization. Mind-numbing sounds only a superior intelligence could have created: some incomprehensible and profound, others disturbingly human. “Spooky, electronic sound effects are the name of the game in Alien Artifakts. You get shimmering timbres layered on top of dark sustained tones with pulsating components that come and go, metallic crashes followed by weird throbs and noises that percolate from magesy download magesy download opposite sides of the stereo field, slowly evolving synthetic soundscapes, staccato arpeggiated patterns, and insanely processed voices…

The Alien Artifakts sounds are stunning and unique…” — Keyboard
Format/Platform: Audio/WAV
What you find…..

  • construction kits
  • demo tracks
  • xtended drum loops
  • sound loops
  • mixed sounds
  • mixed pads
  • mixed fx
  • drum loops


E-Lab XTc Files of Jungle WAV