Daedelus: What Wands Sample Pack

Daedelus: What Wands Sample Pack

Daedelus: What Wands WAV

FLARE | July 22 2020 | 80 MB

What Wands was composed for the express purpose of being just too much. Polite beginnings taken to the brink. Harsh sound designed instances. Distorted sequences and off risers. Perfect to be the total sound source or gently tucked beneath your more delicate creations to add character and create subtle tensions. Don’t just let them sit still. Think of these as a jumping off point to be used irresponsibly. Layer them. Stretch them out as melodies. Granulate vigorously. Distend and destroy, and I promise they’ll create for you.

• 48 Bass Raws
• 3 Suspences
• 9 Crcks
• 6 Hats
• 16 Kicks
• 7 Risers
• 12 Sequences

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/rPK1
Daedelus: What Wands Sample Pack

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