Cobra Drumline WAV

Team DECiBEL | 08 Jan 2020 | 336.8MB

Many producers, especially in hip hop, get their start in their high school drumline or marching band. It’s a natural progression from magesy download magesy download a clear draw towards energetic sounds, movement, and collaboration. Magesy® Originals’ Cobra Drumline pack nods to the rich and complex history of the drumline while celebrating the artform’s modernization and use in music production today. We partnered with the Harlem-based Marching Cobras to produce a unique mix of drumline loops using a stripped-down, seven-piece drumline with all the classic components: a bass drum, quad, tenor, two snares, and a cymbal. We then achieved a larger drumline sound through the use of overdubs. These sounds will add a sense of serendipity, consonance, and harmony to your beats with an extra jolt of energy.

Cobra Drumline WAV-DECiBEL